General and business aviation

General and business aviation

General and business aircraft handling

Ground services

  • provision, positioning removal of chocks,
  • as well as baggage loading  and offloading, transport to and from the passenger building,
  • accompanying crew and passengers to / from the aircraft,
  • assistance at border crossing and customs inspection,
  • assistance to staff in collecting flight documentation,
  • assistance on fuelling the aircraft / JET A1 and AVGAS.
  • help in the passenger building

Additional services:

  • arranging ground transport,
  • hotel booking,
  • service provided at special request and included in the official price list of the Brač Airport

Operators of General and Business Aviation must submit a request to the Brač Airport as an announcement with the following data:

  • Flight date
  • Aircraft arrival and departure time
  • Aircraft type
  • Aircraft registration mark
  • Arriving from and departing to

to e-mail

Any change must be sent as a new request / announcement and the cancellation of the flight must also be reported immediately.



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