Guided tour

Guided tour

Take a look at the background of the Brač Airport to get a true experience the airport. You do not have to book an airline ticket to get to know it better. The organized airport tour will take you directly to the centre of all aerodrome activities. Feel the pulse of the airport while watching live airplane operations.
Have you ever wondered how current activities of accepting and dispatching people and aircraft at the airport? How and where to apply for a flight? What exactly happens to your baggage after you check-in for a flight? How are aircrafts served between flights? How many different types of vehicles and equipment are used? We have answer for these and many other questions.

Programs of organized tours are intended for all age groups.

Duration of the airport tour is approx. 20 min. The cost of organized tours is 20.00 Kuna per person. You can use these services with prior announcement and agreement with the Department for Commercial Activities.

Contacts for tour inquiries and tours announcements:


TELEFON:+385 21 559 711



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