History of Brač airport

The idea of ​​building Brač Airport was introduced in December 1990. As a company it was formed and chartered on 22 May 1992. It is the youngest commercial airport in Croatia.

The role of Airport

The Airport primarily served the needs of tourist economy and economy in general, for supplies to the island of Brač, for sports and recreational purposes, and preservation of health and natural environment. The role of the Airport requires a high-quality approach in dealing with the passengers and goods in the markets such as nautical tourism, in areas with lot of tourists, in transporting easily perishable goods, and in unpredictable cases.

Early stage

The first runaway was 1,200m long and 30m wide. It was good for Dash7 and ATR 42 aircrafts with up to 50 seats. They made the fleets of nearby regional airlines. The extension of the runway built in 1996 has been conditioned by the requirements of Croatia Airlines and Adria Airways as the regional airlines, whose ATR 42 and Dash7 aircrafts with up to 50 seats required a runway length of 1,400m.

Change of airline fleet

Meanwhile, Adria Airways sold its turbo-prop aircrafts, and Croatia Airlines replaced ATR with a DASH aircraft with 80 seats. The 1,400m long runway became too short. The requirements of other companies that could find their interest in flying to Brač appeared. Since 2007, Brač Airport has been offering its services in a new passenger building.

Time of crisis

If we look at the traffic statistics related to the passengers at Brač Airport, it is obvious that in the years after 2001 there has been a continuous decrease in their numbers each year, contrary to other airports in Croatia.

Great return to the scene

Therefore, in 2018, the runaway was reconstructed again and extended to 1,760m with a turn at the end of it 22. The result of this has been that 150 jet aircrafts such as Embraer170, Embraer 190, Airbus 319, and Boeing 737-300 are now able to land.


The Airport is open all year round. It is equipped for the reception and shipping of passenger aircraft with up to 150 passengers. Aircrafts can be served day and night.

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