Passengers Airlines in scheduled or charter flights

Airlines on passenger flights, in June, are entitled to a discount on the agreed prices of landing and handling from SGHA, which is adequate to the load factor on the incoming flight.

Business carriers and air taxis operating under AOC

Airlines for business jets, which had 5 or more flights in 2019, are entitled to free services for the first flight and 50% of the price of the service for the second flight to Brac Airport if they fly in June. Parking and flight waiting prices are not included in these discounts.

General aviation up to 2000kg MTOW

GA aircraft operators are entitled to a 60% discount for all flights in the period 0d 01.-10.June, 40% for arrival flights 10.-20. June and 20% on service prices for all flights operated from June 20 to July 1. Discounts do not apply to parking prices and waiting fees.

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