What to experience?

Brač – A Pearl of Adriatic

The Island of Brač – the island of culture and adventures – as one could briefly describe it.
Windsurfing the channel in front of the Zlatni rat beach, a hiking trip to the Blaca desert, a walk to the ancient quarries at the foot of Škripa, our oldest settlement on the island, with an unavoidable visit to the Museum of the Brač Island, and the Uja Museum of the Cukrov family, a monument to olive oil processing, sailing from bay to bay, bathing on the most famous beach of the Adriatic Sea Zlatni rat, safe anchoring in one of the deep bays (Milna, Bobovišća), relaxed enjoyment in one of the numerous taverns of Brač (Kopačina) or one of the shepherds’ huts in the interior of the island (Gažul), tasting famous Brač cheese, lamb and fish, homemade wine – plavac and brandy, cycling along some of 25 bike trails, www.dalmatia-bike.com ,surrounded by beautiful landscape of olive groves, an unavoidable view from Vidova, Eco-ethno village Dol as one of the original authentic place of Brač heritage (Kaštil Gospodnetić, HRAPOČUŠA cake), Brač stone quarries and the stone-carving school in Pučišća – silent witnesses the hardwork of the Brač hands and the beauty of stone, whose work is seen all over the world (White House) accommodation in excellent apartments or in hotels that improve and develop their quality …… it’s just part of the island of Brač.


If we go back to the question from the beginning: “What to experience?”, Brač offers us plenty and variety offers regardless of age, reason and type of holidays we have chosen. Like a small continent, the island of Brač has something to offer for everyone:

  • For those looking for adrenaline and active holidays windsurfing, mountain biking, kiteboarding, fishing, climbing are offered …. www.bigbluesport.com ; www.aldura-sport.hr ; www.visitbrac.com ; zoo-station.com ; www.irante.hr are just some of the sites where you can get all the information you need or  make  booking
  • For those who are eager for the sea and beautiful beaches there are some of the most beautiful beaches of the Adriatic: the Zlatni rat beach in the western part of Bol, the untouched nature beach Murvica, 3km from Bol, other beaches: Lovrečina, a sandy beach close to Postira on the north side of the island as well as numerous small hidden bays and coves across the island.
  • For those looking for gastronomic pleasure, there is a well-known healthy food spiced primarily with olive oil, symbol of the island. From dry figs, almonds, carobs to classic meals such as fish, seafood prepared in traditional way, Brač cuisine also offers its own specialties. First and foremost it is a “vitalac” – a dish made from Brač lamb, Brač cheese and the previously mentioned Hrapočuša – traditional Brač cake, recently protected cultural intangible heritage of the Republic of Croatia.

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