Caffe bar

Catalina Café (Catalina Caffe bar)

For a more enjoyable stay at the Brač airport visit our Catalina Café. Whether you would like a cup of coffee, refreshment or just want to wait your flight in a pleasant atmosphere, our kind and professional staff will satisfy your wishes.

In a spacious area, not far from the CHECK IN counter but also close to all the events, in a relaxed atmosphere with a wide variety of drinks, hot drinks and “Grab & Go” offers, wait your flight.

In the café, just a few meters away from the airport operating area, there is also a terrace for visitors, which is also a smoking zone. It is deal for fans of watching aircrafts, as well as for those who, along with a cup of coffee, either alone or in the company want to enjoy the atmosphere offered by the airport.

In addition to the terrace, within the coffee bar there is also “Pilot Corner” where you can peacefully fulfil your flight plan.

The work time of the Catalina Café is equal to the opening hours of the Brač Airport.

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