How to move around?

How to visit and see the island of Brač and how to make a tour ??!!

The island of Brač, third by size, with its 8 municipalities is often an unavoidable holidays spot. All the places on the island are well connected by the three state roads and by the network of 10 county roads with many unclassified roads, recently attracting more and more attention. Road quality is an important element of quality not only for tourism development but also for the life on the island.

Public road transport is carried out only by the transportation company Autotrans Brač, which recently offers free internet and free-of-charge transport of bicycles, while the remaining transport is provided by local taxi services available in all larger locations. The biggest disadvantage of a bus and taxi transportation are relatively high prices.

All useful information can be found at the following links: ; ;

If you need a car or scooter and you do not rent it on land, there are several rent-a-car companies on the island: ; that can offer you something out from their fleet.

And if you are a biker, the island of Brač is the right destination for you. Precisely, 25 landscaped bicycle trails simply call for adventure. The total length of bicycle trails is 1026 km, which makes the island of Brač the island with the largest number of trails. Detailed description of the routes can be found on the portal, which contains all 25 tracks along with the technical data on the slopes and the other local offer of accommodation and contents; and there is also a mobile application (Avenza Maps) .

If you want visit the island of Brač from the sea side, in addition to numerous rent- boats and taxi boats, the island can be organized or individually visited by kayak

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